Skin Checks &  

Minor Procedures  

Our GPs can assess your skin cancer risk and any current areas of concern and we recommend a full skin check is performed at least annually (or as soon as possible if you notice any sudden changes). They are also trained in a wide range of dermatology issues including acne, dermatitis, eczema and rashes and can assist with advice, treatment, or referral to a specialist if needed.

We are also able to perform simple procedures under local anaesthetic that do not require a visit to a hospital or a specialist. This may include contraception implants (Implanon), simple skin cancer excisions, removal of other ‘lumps and bumps’, and repair of minor cuts and lacerations. We are also able to perform Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen freezing therapy), simple plastering and plaster removal for fractures and ear wax syringing (out-of-pocket fees may apply).